RTD reduces number of cars on R Line through Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. -- RTD is cutting the number of cars on the light rail R Line that runs through Aurora because of a lack of ridership.

RTD says ridership on the R Line is about half of projected numbers.

The one-car trains look more like a trolly going up and down the tracks. RTD believes cutting the two-car trains to just one is enough to serve the needs of the R Line passengers and the low numbers for now.

Riders say the one-car trains end up being very crowded and uncomfortable at times, especially during the rush hours.

"It's definitely more crowded," passenger Trey Carolina said. "Just the other day, I had to sit up front where the handicapped people sit and one man and I had to move and the cars got a little more crowded."

“If you’re at the mall and there's only one car, it can get pretty crowded. And if there’s an event around here, then it gets pretty crowded," passenger Kyla Kuykendell said.

RTD considered making service cuts on the R Line last year, but a public outcry caused a postponement, though the cuts are still possible.

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