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Protect yourself before buying a vehicle online

DENVER -- Think twice before you put your hard earned money down and buying a used car or truck online.

Being able to jump online opens up a world of choices if you’re looking for a used car, but you may have to salvage what’s left of your bank account if you make the wrong choice.

Felipe bound a salvaged truck online. The ad featured pictures of the truck but did not reveal the issues under the hood.

“They were showing a damaged truck but there was just so little I thought I could fix it," Felipe said.

Felipe signed an as-is contract.

Estimates reveal he will need to pay more than $34,000 for needed repairs.

Malcom Hirsh of H.M. Brown Brokers has 30 years experience in detecting lemons on car lots and online.

He follows a specific checklist when finding cars for his clients before they decide to buy.

“I’m going to ask for the VIN number then I'm going to pull a Carfax then I'm going to pull what's called Auto Check ... it reports if there are any title issues, flood damage, fire damage, accidents.”

The Denver Better Business Bureau advises checking for complaints and searching reviews before paying for any product or service.

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