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Marvel’s ‘The Gifted’ returns to FOX for season 2

ATLANTA -- FOX's super-powered Marvel series "The Gifted" returns for a second season Tuesday night on FOX31.

The show will fire up those mutant powers again this season - and this season Grace Byers is joining the cast. Her character Reeva is in the new "Inner Circle."

"She really feels like at this point in time she's the one to lead this charge, and so she's rising up," Byers said.

Emma Dumont explained that "Inner Circle" and "Mutant Underground" will start season two by searching for their family and trying to get back together.

"They're all super uncontent and just searching for their family, and trying to get back together," Dumont said. "That's the mutant underground. Everyone here is super happy. We're rich. We live in this beautiful place. We have nice clothes (covered with b-roll). My character is very very pregnant."

And the new baby will play a big factor in what happens in the show.

"Everyone is freaking out and they have to find a safe place for the baby to go because what Polaris realizes is, WHEN she has her first contraction is that magnetic things are drawn to her everytime she has a contraction," Dumont said.

"The baby is a really interesting addition to the story I mean family has always been at the heart of 'The Gifted,'" added Skyler Samuels.

As for what fans can expect in this next chapter, Samuels says season two will be "darker" and "edgier" and will be a roller coaster of emotions from laughing to crying.

"The Gifted" airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. before "Lethal Weapon" on FOX31.

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