Gun thefts on the rise across Denver

DENVER -- Gun thefts continue to increase across Denver, but police say they've noticed a trend with where the weapons are coming from: Vehicles.

Nearly 350 guns have been reported stolen this year in Denver and more than one-third of those have been taken out of vehicles.

The Denver Police Department said it has only been able to recover about 10 percent of those guns and many are being used in crimes throughout the city.

"We have a couple of incidences this year where these stolen guns were used in robberies, as well as felony menacing, and illegal discharge of weapons," Police Chief Paul Pazen said. "Guns in the hands of criminals is very dangerous for our city and we need the public's help."

Police said residents should lock vehicles and keep guns out of sight. Also, if possible, keep weapons in a locked safe that's bolted onto the inside of the vehicle.

Police said criminals won't hesitate to just take a safe and figure out how to open it later.

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