Frisco man pleads guilty to negligent homicide in fatal overdose

FRISCO, Colo. — A Frisco man has pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in another man’s fatal drug overdose.

Dennis Tierney entered his plea Thursday in the February death of 30-year-old James Nicholas in Breckenridge.

Tierney faces up to a three-year sentence when he is sentenced next month.

Prosecutors say Tierney provided Nicholas with heroin that was laced with Fentanyl, a powerful opiate.

Officers found a text exchange between Tierney and Nicholas on Feb. 1 in which Tierney warns Nicholas to be careful when using the heroin, adding, “I won’t be there to help you if something goes wrong.”

Prosecutors say Tierney sold Nicholas the drug on Feb. 4 and Nicholas was found dead on Feb. 6.

Toxicology tests indicated Nicholas had Fentanyl, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, codeine and other substances in his blood.