Elusive mountain lion in Boulder caught, will be relocated

BOULDER, Colo. -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers said they were able to trap an elusive mountain lion in Boulder overnight, and they were working to relocate him Saturday morning.

It all started around 10 a.m. Friday in the historic and upscale North Boulder neighborhood.

Jim Gordon’s wolf hound pup Millie was barking up a storm.

When Jim and his wife Maura took a peek under the deck in their backyard, they got an eye full: A full grown male mountain lion.

They called Boulder police animal control. Soon after, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers were notified and they responded.

It didn’t take long for CPW to decide that the full-grown male mountain lion had to be subdued sooner than later.

Armed with a loaded tranquilizer gun the wildlife officers and animal control slowly made their way through the house, to the backyard, to locate the resting cat.

The officer calculated the distance, adjusted the tranquilizer gun, and took careful aim and fired.

In a second, the cat was up and running, over the fence and into freedom. The wildlife officer's aim was true but the tranquilizing dart, however, did not penetrate puma’s pelt.

Neighbors watched as animal control officers searched frantically for the lion. After about an hour, the search was called off.

The cougar could have headed back to the hills, or could be just a couple hundred yards away from the house. Nobody knows for sure.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are saying not to overreact and be alarmed, but to be aware.

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