Mom of Walmart shooting victim apologizes for withholding donated money from his kids

THORNTON, Colo. -- It's been almost a year since the Thornton Walmart shooting. On top of grief, one family is now struggling to divide funds.

More than 600 people donated around $30,000 to Victor Vasquez's fund. It was brought to the Problem Solvers' attention that Vasquez's mother withdrew the money this summer and no one else received the funds, until Thursday.

“She withdrew all the money, she didn’t let no one know, and she didn’t let us know, that she took the money, and I guess she’s been using it behind our backs," the mother to two of Vasquez's children said.

Online, the description says the money is for Vasquez's fiancée, his mom and his three children. Ceci, the mother to two of Vasquez's kids, say she hasn't received any of the money for her children.

Alexis, his fiancée, is the mother of his youngest child, and hasn't received money either.

“The fact that it’s my kids' money, and it’s his other daughter's money, it’s not fair, not fair to them, it really isn’t," Ceci said.

When Ceci confronted Vasquez's mom about the money, she said, “That money was given to me in the first place, my friend made it for the girls and me to help us out."

In an interview with FOX31, Vasquez's mom said, “I know that I took way too long,"

She admitted she was wrong,  “I always had every single intention to give everybody their money. I love my grandkids, I always have, they know that, I would never forget about them or neglect them.”

Vasquez's mom did say she spent some of the money, but wouldn't reveal how much.

“I know I lagged and I shouldn’t have, so now I just want to make everything right, and go ahead and get them certified checks and give everybody their money," Vasquez's mom said.

About an hour after her sit down with FOX31, Vasquez's mom sent us a picture of the checks she planned to give to her grandchildren. Both mother's of the victim's children confirmed Thursday night they received checks.


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