Bear sitter, neighbors keep watch over mom, 2 cubs in Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a bear sitter and neighbors kept a watchful eye over a mother bear and her two cubs as they foraged for food near Flatirons Elementary School in Boulder on Wednesday.

The bears were spotted Wednesday morning, prompting the school to go on lockout for the third time in two weeks because of the visiting wildlife.

While students stayed inside, neighbors and a volunteer bear sitter followed the bear and her cubs, making sure the animals and the community stayed safe.

“I like educating people about it. I like to see people’s excitement when they see a bear for the first time,” said Alicia Miers, a volunteer bear sitter.

Bears are in hyperphagia where they feed 20 hours a day, consuming 20,000 calories a day ahead of hibernation.

During this time, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said bears can be more brazen in their attempts to get food.

“This time of year, they will take a little more risk being around people, which a lot of times they generally aren’t comfortable around. They will take more risks to prepare themselves for winter,” said Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Parks and Wildlife said bears will go into hibernation anytime between October and December.

The time they go into hibernation is determined by the temperatures and when their food supply begins to dwindle.

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