Aurora police investigate bullet fired at family’s home

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AURORA, Colo. -- Residents say a quiet and peaceful place to live is sounding more like a target range.

“Everybody’s really kind, pretty close knit, it’s normally extremely safe,” Sara Daniels said.

Normally is the operative word. Lately, the Daniels say, their neighborhood sounds more like an outdoor target range.

"They are definitely gunshots," se said.

Sara Daniels learned to shoot firearms as a kid in Texas.

“Four to five pops a time, really late like 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning would wake us up out of our sleep. The last time we heard that is when we were camping with the kids in the backyard,” she said.

Late Sunday night a new, and more dangerous, level of gun play took place.

Somebody fired, what the Aurora Police Department believes, a handgun round at the house. It almost penetrated the occupied master bedroom. It was stuck in the drywall.

Responses were many after Daniels posted what happened on the Nextdoor neighborhood app.

There were no leads.

"All it has to do is go through the drywall and somebody is dead," she said.

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