Wisconsin postal worker accused of stealing 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash, checks

WAUWATOSA, Wis. -- A Wisconsin postal worker has been fired after the U.S. Postal Service used an FBI-style sting to reportedly catch her stealing mail.

The feds said more than 540 personal checks and more than 6,000 greeting card envelopes ranging from March 2017 to January were found in worker's car.

Agents said they marked a $20 bill and put it inside an envelope equipped with a transmitter that would send a signal once the envelope was opened.

As soon as the worker, identified as Ebony Smith, opened it, investigators brought her in.

Records show Smith admitted to targeting two ZIP codes on her route: 53213 and 53226.

She told them she first stole $40 a week from the mail on her route and then $50 to $100 a week from the cards of her customers.

She said she used the money to take care of her children and to help pay bills.

The federal records do not say how much money Smith was able to steal, but she agreed to pay restitution when she is sentenced. That date has not been set.

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