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Hickenlooper forms leadership PAC for potential presidential run

DENVER -- Gov. John Hickenlooper is taking his most concrete step toward running for president in 2020.

Hickenlooper on Monday formed a federal campaign committee that can distribute donations to candidates.

Creating a so-called Leadership PAC is a critical step for politicians thinking of running nationwide. The PAC is called “giddy up”

Hickenlooper's name has long been floated as a possible candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He's a former geologist and brewpub owner who was a popular two-term governor of swing state Colorado.

Hickenlooper has visited the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire as his second term has wound down.

Earlier this year, sources said the goal was to decide by the end of summer, but now sources say Hickenlooper could wait until after he leaves office in January to decide on a presidential run.

Hickenlooper’s path to the nomination remains hazy.

In an increasingly progressive Democratic Party, Hickenlooper is viewed as moderate in Colorado political circles, but his experience as a business owner, mayor of Denver and governor could play well in some primary states.

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