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Doctors say man’s girlfriend saved his life with a tourniquet

AURORA, Colo. -- A couple said a freak accident at home sent shards of glass through a man's arm, and hit the wrong spot.

Doctors say the quick actions of his girlfriend is why he's still alive.

"Saved my life," Josh Gilmore said. “Kept me alive.”

Gilmore was working to take down a mirror when the glass broke in half, cut his arm and hit one of his arteries.

“It split in half and came down on my arm," Gilmore said. "Just started squirting blood all over the bathroom.”

Brittani Bain, Gilmore's girlfriend, stepped into action quickly and applied a tourniquet.

“I’m a veterinary technician so I kind of just had to zone out and go into fight or flight mode, and realize that was the only thing standing between him and death," Bain said.

“If she had not stopped the bleeding, then we may have a different situation on our hands," Gilmore's doctor, Dr. Omid Jazaeri, said.

Doctors say tourniquets can save lives, and there's a campaign on "How to Stop the Bleed."

“A glove is a perfect example of something that you can use," Jazaeri said. “Use it as a tourniquet by placing it around an extremity.”

Gilmore needed surgery to repair the artery. Doctors used a vein from his leg to repair his arm.