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Capitol Hill retiree makes walking canes to help local officers

DENVER — Outside the Knights of Columbus hall in Capitol Hill, Delberta “Lady” Clark stays busy making and selling walking canes. Her hobby has now turned into a charity effort to help those who protect and serve the community.

Clark is selling 30 of her hand-crafted and all-natural canes at $50 each to make sure more officers in Colorado are better protected from high-powered bullets. Clarks said the money will be donated to Support the Shield, which works with nonprofits groups to provide better protection to law enforcement officers.

“I pray for [police officers],” Clark said. “I want them to know that, too, because I just hate when I hear the news all the time — officers down, officers down.”

Violence towards police hits close to home for Lady Clark. Her Capitol Hill neighborhood was the site of an officer-involved shooting in June that left a Denver police officer wounded.

A year earlier was when FOX31 first introduced viewers to the retiree who spends her days selling donated items outside the Knights of Columbus to provide food for those in need.

Clark is hoping every effort in the community — from selling canes to large donations — will one day achieve the goal of ensuring that every officer in Colorado will have the best protective vests available.

Clark plans to sell the canes throughout the morning and afternoon on Sunday, Sept. 16 at 1555 North Grant Street in Denver.