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Despite loss, Rockies fans confident team can win division

DENVER -- September Sundays in Denver are ideal for the die-hard sports fan. The Rockies narrowly hold onto a lead in the National League West, and the Broncos started their season on the right foot in defeating the Seahawks.

At the bars Sunday, fans had their head on a swivel, trying to keep up with both baseball and football games happening simultaneously.

“Broncos are playing fine, but the Rockies are in a pennant race right now,” said Rockies fan Jose Luna.

While the Rockies fell to the Dodgers 9-6 Sunday to lose the home series, fans are confident they can hold on to a lead over the division.

“As long as we play to our potential, we’re the best team in the division,” said fan Joshua Wallace.

“I’m really hoping they can hold on,” said Steve Campbell. “The next series against the Diamondbacks is critical. It’s exciting. It’s nice to have real baseball and something to get excited about in September.”

The Rockies have never won their division. They have 20 games left in the regular season, more than half of them are against division rivals.

“We just got to protect the lead down the stretch,” Wallace said. “I’m feeling pretty good about it.”

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