Woman pleads with thief to return only picture of her and grandma

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GLENDALE, Colo. -- Police in Glendale are investigating a reported theft that led to thousands of dollars fraudulently charged to credit cards and a stolen family keepsake.

Sara Castiglione said someone broke into her car on Tuesday while she was at a gym.

Her credit cards were used at a Target on South Colorado Boulevard in Glendale and elsewhere in Denver and Aurora, according to Castiglione.

Somehow a perpetrator was able to put a hole in Castiglione’s locked trunk and found her wallet inside a backpack under her seat, according to Castiglione.

After realizing the wallet was gone, Castiglione said she checked her online credit card account and saw her card was racking up hundreds at the Target in Glendale.

“So I ran over there and called the cops,” she said. “By the time the bank finally froze my account, she already spent over about $5,000 on it."

Target and another merchant provided surveillance video to police and Castiglione showing a woman being described as a suspect.

But Castiglione said something much more valuable than credit cards was in her wallet.

“My grandmother was able to take care of me before she sent me to an orphanage,” she said. “So I have a picture of her in my wallet.”

Castiglione, born in China, grew up in an orphanage before being adopted by Americans. The only picture she has of her, as a little girl with her grandma, is gone. The picture was in the stolen wallet.

“I’ll never see her again,” she said. “She’s passed away.”

Castiglione is pleading with the person responsible for the theft to give back all of the pictures in her wallet.

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