Flash flooding stalls cars in west metro Denver

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Rain and hail drenched Lakewood and other areas of the Denver metro area late Wednesday afternoon and caused flash flooding.

At least two vehicles drove into the water and were carried off course at 21st Way and Urban Drive near Maple Grove Reservoir.

One of those cars was driven by London McElhaney, who's 16 years old.

"There was a lot of hail on the ground and I didn’t think it was that bad," McElhaney said. "I thought it was just a few inches of water here, but it ended up being a few feet. And my car started floating."

The water carried McElhaney's car into a neighbor's lawn.

It happened next to Spencer and Breanna Diegel's home. She captured it on camera, while he ran out to help.

"It just looked like whirlpool of water going in," Breanna Diegel said.

"That would be freaky, a little kid getting stuck in there, but (I'm) glad everybody is okay at the end of it," Spencer Diegel said.

West Metro Fire Protection District firefighters responded to at least four reports of cars getting stuck in flash flooding.

Everyone involved was safe.

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