Denver tests wireless emergency alert system

DENVER -- The city and county of Denver tested its wireless emergency alert system on Wednesday,

Distinctive and very loud emergency tones were sent to more than 1 million phones and devices just after 11 a.m.

The test originated from Denver's emergency operations center.

The alert signal reached every wireless device in the city and county of Denver, including Denver International Airport.

"We’re making sure we know how to do  it, when to do it and what it takes," said Loa Esquillin with the Office of Emergency Management. “It’s important for the people out there to know how it sounds, looks and when we are going to be sending things like this.

“We here to make sure we are Denver ready. We really want to make sure we know how to serve the population in times of emergency and this is a great way to do it. We need to practice and make sure we know how and when to do emergency alerts."

The message on the phones and devices said, "This is a test of the wireless emergency alert system for Denver. This is only a test."

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