Grandfather says grandson killed after using himself as shield to save son from gunfire

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AURORA, Colo. -- A grandfather said his grandson was killed Friday night after he used his body to shield his son from gunfire.

Dave Gerardi said his grandson, Anthoni Readus, 26, drove to his ex-wife's apartment to pick up his son. Gerardi said the ex-wife alerted Readus that she and her partner were fighting.

"He went over, took his son by the hand, headed back to his vehicle," said Gerardi. "Then shots started happening."

Gerardi said his great-grandson was struck by a bullet above his ankle so Readus threw himself on top of his son to protect him from more bullets.

"He saved his boy’s life and it got him shot to hell, got himself shot up to do that," said Gerardi. "He is just an exceptional young man and a wonderful father. He is going into a bad situation and a bad neighborhood where his ex-wife lived simply to pick up the child."

Gerardi said Readus and another man were killed. The boy was struck and taken to a hospital.

An Aurora police officer exchanged gunfire with the shooter, striking and injuring the gunman. A bullet struck the officer's vest. The injured officer was taken to a hospital and has since been released.

Gerardi said his great-grandson is devastated by the loss of this father.

"He is very confused, he is shattered about it," said Gerardi. "It’s beyond unfortunate but he saved his son, that’s the good thing. That’s the only good thing."

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