Christopher Watts sentenced to life in prison for deaths of pregnant wife, young daughters

News anchor does ‘Eat the Bean’ challenge on air, loses with yellow

DENVER -- The Colorado State Patrol is helping raise money in a new kind of challenge.

"Eat the Bean" is a fundraiser for the Skin Cancer Foundation. FOX31 anchors Aristea Brady, Jeremy Hubbard and Dave Fraser tried it Wednesday night.

KWGN Channel 2 anchors Matt Makens and Keagan Harsha tried during Colorado's Own Channel 2 News at 11 p.m.

Here's how it works: Donate $10 or $25 and issue challenges to other people to do the challenge.

You need the 'Bean Boozled' jelly beans.

You spin the spinner and it points at a jelly bean color. You could get a normal, sweet jelly bean or something, well, downright gross.

For instance, white could be coconut or spoiled milk flavor. Brown could be chocolate pudding or canned dog food.