Some residents try to block planned development around Dinosaur Ridge

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Long before there was a C-470 highway or West Alameda Parkway, the replicas that make up the Dinosaur Ridge Visitors Center were the closest thing to a Rocky Mountain rush hour.

Their neighborhood could become a bit more crowded.

A five-building single-story development called Foothills Biz Park could be on the horizon at the southwest metro Denver location.

Angela Pease and her family dig Dinosaur Ridge. They’re worried the built-in beauty could become extinct.

Not so says the developer.

“We’re not impacting the view of the ridge," Hank Brumley said.

On Wednesday night, Brumley and his staff held another round of informational meetings with concerned Jefferson County citizens.

The plans include about a 61-acre add-on that would surround three sides of Dinosaur Ridge Visitors Center.

“The biggest concern of folks is we provide a quality environment for DR and don’t disturb the entry,” Brumley said.

Pease hopes her future grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of Dinosaur Ridge that she's enjoyed.