Got insurance? Protect yourself against reckless drivers

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ARVADA, Colo. -- A suspected drunk driver slams into several cars outside an Arvada family's home. Now the homeowner is recovering from tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Phillip Smith tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers he woke up to find his cars, RV and mailbox several feet down the street after a driver rammed into them.

Witnesses say the man was speeding through the Arvada neighborhood. Smith later learned the driver's insurance only covers the minimum amount of damage, "they’re saying I have damage of about 43 to 48-thousand dollars and the only had about 15-thousand dollars worth of personal property damage coverage."

Insurance expert Kimberly Alire of Barrettt Bartels Agency says minimum coverage requirements may not cover damage to your property, "with an auto policy you should always buy an uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage that would definitely cover you in a hit and run type situation."

Alire adds that it is always a good idea to review your policy with your provider to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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