Baby goat rescued from irrigation pipe by Berthoud fire crew

BERTHOUD, Colo. — A Berthoud Fire Protection District detailed how a crew spent hours rescuing a baby goat from a perilous situation.

Firefighters spent two hours  rescuing a 5-day-old baby goat from an irrigation pipe in Berthoud on Monday.

The goat, named Wilson, had followed his brothers and sisters into the pipe and was the only one who couldn’t get back out, officials said.

After owners’ several attempts to free the goat, they had to call for help.

Approximately 20 feet of 12 inch concrete pipe had to be dug up and removed so crews could access the helpless goat.

Once the pipe was loosened, crews reached in and pulled the animal free from the mud.

“The baby goat called for its mother once set free and happily pranced along her side across the pasture,” according to a Facebook post.

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