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911 dispatcher who helped deliver baby meets the boy 6 years later

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- – A Douglas County dispatcher who helped deliver a baby over the phone six years ago got the chance to find out what happened to that child.

The dispatch center got a surprise phone call from the Bane family, asking to meet the dispatcher.

It did a little research and set up a meeting between the family and the dispatcher.

Kathy Bane went into labor nine days before her expected delivery date.

Tavian Bane was born on June 20, 2012. His father, Jason Bane, called 911. In a recording of that call, he is heard saying, “My wife's about to have her baby on the toilet. We're at home right now."

The dispatcher who took the call is Kate Morrissey, who is now a Douglas County deputy.

She told Jason Bane, “Can you see the baby at all?”

He replied, “Yeah, the baby's coming right now. I'm gonna deliver.”

Tavian was born in the bathroom of their home, but he wasn’t breathing.

In the call, Jason Bane is heard struggling to get the baby to breathe.

“Come on baby, come on baby, come on baby," he said.

Morrissey said, “OK, I want you to rub his back gently.”

A few seconds later, Tavian can be heard crying.

“You could definitely hear the baby cry at the end. That is really neat, such a special moment," Morrissey said.

That moment was followed up when the family got to thank Morrissey.

“We just wanted to thank you for keeping me so calm," Jason Bane said. "It was unknown. You were so professional really walked me through it well.”

“If she didn’t talk him through it, we don’t know what would’ve happened," Kathy Bane said. "She made him calm, otherwise, who knows.”

Added Jason Bane: “It was a big moment, it was scary. She kept me calm. To meet her face to face was really an honor it was a special opportunity.”

Morrissey said she’s helped deliver four babies, but this one stood out.

"The dad on the phone joked that the bathroom to him would have a different meaning now and that made me chuckle a little," Morrissey said.

Tavian is the first caller she’s ever had the chance to meet.

“It’s so special. Words can’t describe it, so special," Morrissey said.

She showered Tavian with gifts, including a special stork pin.

“Whenever a dispatcher delivers a baby we get a pin and this is the pin I got after I delivered you, so I wanted to pass it on to you," Morrissey told him.

The Banes say they’ve been meaning to reach out for years, but time slipped away.

They are glad Tavian is old enough to remember the meeting and learn about his special entrance into this world.

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