Denver police: Woman arrested for trying to kidnap baby from stroller

DENVER -- A woman was arrested for trying to kidnap an infant from a stroller in central Denver, according to police.

The Denver Police Department said officers responded to the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Downing Street the afternoon of Aug. 19 for a reported kidnapping.

According to the statement of probable cause, an officer contacted a woman who said she left her apartment with her baby girl when Kelly Gregory, 35, came up to her asking to hold the infant. The incident happened near the intersection of 16th Avenue and Marion Street in City Park West.

The mother said no to Gregory's request, but Gregory stayed in the area and followed the mother and child.

The mother reported that at one point, Gregory grabbed the woman and moved her out of the way of the stroller holding the baby. Gregory then grabbed the stroller and tried to take it away from the mother.

Gregory eventually got control of the stroller and began walking away with it with the infant inside.

The mother said she then yelled, "Get away from my child," at Gregory and pushed her away to regain control of the stroller.

Gregory was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to commit second-degree kidnapping.

Neither the mother nor the child were injured in the incident.

Gregory is next scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 11.