Former police officer offers insight into interrogation of a murder suspect

DENVER -- A former police investigator said there are some key things that must take place when  interviewing someone suspected of murder.

The topic of police confessions came up after the deaths of Shanann Watts and her two daughters in Frederick last week.

The suspect, Christopher Watts, Shannan’s husband, was front and center the whole time.

An interview he gave to several news outlets, including FOX31, might have been investigative gold for police.

Joseph Schillaci, a former Miami police officer and now a private investigator in Kansas, has interviewed hundreds of people in death investigations.

He said suspect interviews with the media help officers answer a number of questions.

Those clues can lead to key questions during interrogations. Getting to the truth, isn’t easy.

“The absolute most important part is the rapport building … that man needs to trust and believe what you are saying to him," Schillaci said.

That's the point when tough questions can lead to big breaks.

“You also need to know your case," Schillaci said. "You really should know an answer before you ask that question. And the only way you are going to do that is by knowing your case and doing your homework.”

Watts remains in the Weld County Jail with no bond. His next court appearance is scheduled in November.