Car theft victim angry about fee to get vehicle back

AURORA, Colo. -- A car theft victim said he is frustrated he had to pay $280 to get his car back after the Aurora Police Department recovered it and had it towed to an impound lot.

Ahmed Bangura said thieves stole his 2003 Cadillac from outside his home.

He reported it to police and officers eventually located it and had it towed to an impound lot.

Bangura said officers told him the vehicle needed to be taken to the lot and inspected for fingerprints as part of the investigation.

When it was time to pick up his vehicle, Bangura said he was shocked when he was told he'd have to pay $280.

"I said, 'Why? I am the victim.' I said, 'Someone stole the car,'" said Bangura.

Police said it does not like that car theft victims have to pay these fees, but it's the only option.

A spokesman said the department does not own its own impound and storage lot so it has to contract out the service.

A spokesman said the towing and storage company cannot offer these services for free and the city of Aurora cannot cover these expenses for victims.

As a result, the fee to tow the vehicles as well as the company's administration fee must be covered by the victim.

Bangura said the city of Aurora and the police department need to find another solution that does not leave victims feeling like they are being punished.

"It’s like I become a victim two times, you understand that? The right things need to be done," said Bangura.

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