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Hundreds pack vigil for Watts family

FREDERICK, Colo. - Hundreds of people packed the front yard of the Watts' home Friday night, in an emotional vigil for the mother and her two little girls who prosecutors say were murdered inside.

Some of the people knew Shannan Watts and her daughters, Celeste and Bella, but many did not.

Still, they crowded the family's front yard and even poured into the street.

"We see this on the news and we’re sad. But it’s away from us. But (now) it’s right next door when it’s in your own community. That’s the hard part," said Mary Ann Bogner who was at the vigil and lives in the neighborhood.

She and others are still in shock that police say Shannan's husband, Chris Watts, killed the family. He's now in jail, without bond, and will face official charges next week.

At the vigil, the focus was on the family and how people loved them and will miss them.

"It’s going to grow so big tonight that it’s going to overwhelm the whole Denver community," Bogner said. "It’s going to be a beautiful tribute. And they’re just going to keep coming and coming."