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Surveillance cameras record Denver building explosion

DENVER -- Tuesday's explosion on Santa Fe Drive in Denver will most live on in the memories of eyewitnesses.

It will also live on video as well. A surveillance camera at an art gallery across the street from the explosion that happened at 368 Santa Fe Drive recorded it.

It was business as usual for Space Gallery. Because it is a state-of-the-art gallery, surveillance cameras are part of the decor.

As fate would have it, three of the eight cameras installed recorded images of the blast.

One angle shows the inside of the studio when the blast hit. Inside was artist Jane Guthridge with her assistant, reacting to the shockwave by throwing her hands over her head and crouching.

Another camera, located on the outside, caught the image of the explosion spraying debris in the alley.

Michael Burnett, curator of Space Gallery, said the experience was unnerving, and is grateful his 4-year-old art gallery remains open for business.

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