Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Cold temps remain; two chances for light snow

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo reopens after hail damages buildings, kills several animals

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  — The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs reopened to the public Saturday morning, following a devastating hail storm that blitzed the zoo on Monday.

Zoo staff spent the last few days cleaning up and piecing things back together.

The storm killed five animals and injured several guests.

“Life is going to go on and it’s a beautiful day here at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo,” explained Zoo President and CEO Bob Chastain.

Overall, 3,400 people were at the zoo on Monday, as well as 750 animals. Fourteen human injuries were reported that day, Chastain said.

Since closing the zoo after the storm, the zoo has lost out on about $115,000 a day. It does have business interruption insurance and property insurance though.

About 130 employee cars and 400 guest vehicles were damaged.


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