Urban noise, lost sleep and your health

ARVADA, Colo. -- Traffic, trains and construction. The Denver metro area has plenty of all of those things and it can affect your health.

Some Arvada residents say noise from commuter train testing on the new G Line is keeping them up at night.

They do look forward to having access to train service and understand the testing is necessary to keep the public safe, but they also look forward to less noise in the future.

Dr. Sarah Richey of Kaiser Permanente tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers whether you are kept up at night from noise, stress or other causes of insomnia, your health can suffer.

"We might feel sleepier than normal we might not perform as well at work ... there's even evidence that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain."

Richey says using ear plugs, keeping your bedroom cool and clean and turning in at the same time every night can help get your body and your brain get into sleep mode.

For more information about how to get a good night's sleep visit this website.

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