Power outages affect businesses in Denver neighborhood

DENVER -- A Denver restaurant and bar has 5,000 square feet, 200-person capacity, 30 employees and two owners. But no electricity.

That was not supposed to be on the menu at Stoney‘s Uptown Joint at 17th Avenue and Downing Street.

As a matter of fact, Wednesday marks the 12th day Stoneys has experienced a brownout.  A brown out is not as bad as a blackout when it comes to lack of electrical power unless you’re operating a restaurant.

It started March 31 during the Final Four. That’s a pretty big day for basketball and business.

That day, Stoney Jesseph,  co-owner of Stoney’s, said they lost thousands of dollars on that very important retail day.

Jesseph called Xcel Energy  and was told the power loss was caused by a car crashing into a power pole.

It’s not just Stoney's that is experiencing the lack of electricity.

Xcel Energy said about 400 accounts are affected every time there is a brownout in the Swallow Hill neighborhood.

Next door to Stoney‘s is the Shanty Supper Club. Owner Tim Doherty  would love to see the light after his restaurant experienced brownouts on weekend nights.

Xcel Energy said it is perplexed and is still looking for what exactly is causing the occasional brownout.

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