Man attacked by grizzly bear continues series of operations in Colorado

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Doctors are continuing their work to reconstruct a man’s face after it was torn off by a grizzly bear.

In November, FOX31 introduced Lee Brooke -- a hunter from Pennsylvania -- who went toe-to-toe with a grizzly bear in Wyoming.

Brooke was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center in Englewood after most of his face was torn off by the bear. His survival was nothing short of a miracle.

As Brooke continues to recover, doctors are moving forward with a series of surgeries.

They have inserted a balloon filled with saline solution that expands the skin on top of Brooke's head. The extra tissue on the scalp will allow doctors to create a new upper lip and mustache.

Three surgeries will be needed to form Brooke's new lip and mustache. Those facial features will all come from hair-covered skin that surrounded much of the balloon that has since been removed.

“[Doctors are] going to bring [the skin] down,” Brooke said. “[The skin is] going to be hinged … and sew it in place and let the blood supply establish itself.”

Broke and his wife Martha have spent months away from their Pennsylvania home attending medical appointments in Colorado.

They have made a point to enjoy some world-class Colorado hiking in their free time.

Feeling and mobility in Brooke's hand and arm (also injured in the attack) continues to improve. Brooke is hoping to be healing as expected with a new lip within a matter of weeks.

The new lip will create a footprint for a new nose. Doctors plan to construct most that nose on Brooke's arm by adding to the portion that is already preserved.

Brooke could have a nose and new lip on his face within the next year or so. A GoFundMe has been created to help pay for his medical expenses.

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