Hail ruins couple’s house in Aurora, car at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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AURORA, Colo. -- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is still closed after a destructive hailstorm Monday afternoon.

One family in Aurora can't get away from hail this year. Their scary experience at the zoo is just one example of their awful run-ins with crazy weather.

“You just heard like a boom, it sounded like a gun shot," Danielle Fillis said as she described the hailstorm. “Pieces of hail and glass were slapping us around the legs and stuff.”

The Fillis family was one of many groups who were stuck in the destructive hailstorm.

“We were walking out,  and I had to stop and I had a piece of glass in my shoe that was up in my heel,” Fillis said.

The family was in the reptile unit when it seemed like the sky started to fall.

“It was pretty scary, it was terrifying, it turned black, it was really, really dark," Fillis said.

The couple walked outside after the downpour and found their car had busted windows and dents all over, just like every other car in the lot.

“That’s the irony that life likes to throw at you," Fillis said.

What makes their story different is the reason why they were even at the zoo in the first place.

Fillis says it was an attempt to get away from hail drama. A separate storm in June ruined the couple's roof, dented the gutters and left the mailbox a mess.

“So we decided we go to Colorado Springs for a quick overnight two-day getaway and just dealing with vendors and everything that was going on, and so we drove down there and now we’re dealing with the car," Fillis said.

It didn't take long for the hail to find them once again. Now the couple hope the worst is behind them.

“You just have to move forward, that's all you can do," Fillis said.

The zoo has not said when it will reopen.

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