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Would-be teen carjackers deterred by manual transmission in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Two would-be carjackers in Nashville were foiled by their inability to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission.

According to Nashville police, the boys, 15 and 17, first tried to pull a woman out of her parked car inside a parking garage, but fled when she started screaming and honking her horn.

About an hour later, the same teens stole the keys from the hand of a woman who just parked her car at a grocery store.

Police said they got inside the victim’s vehicle, but the vehicle had a stick shift and they did not know how to use it. So they gave up and fled after a few seconds.

Officers spotted the teens in the area a short time later and took them into custody. The teens were charged with attempted robbery/carjacking, theft and attempted theft of a vehicle.

According to Edmunds, only about 3 percent of cars are sold with a manual transmission today while a recent study by U.S. News and World Report found that less than 18 percent of Americans can drive them.