People wait 4-plus hours at DMV after new software rolls out statewide

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DENVER -- People waiting at a Denver Department of Motor Vehicle locations said it took more than four hours to get through the line on Monday.

A spokesman attributed the long wait times to workers adjusting to new software rolled out statewide.

Monday was the first day most locations were open around the state with the new software.

The DMV's previous software was installed in the 1980s. The new software, Colorado DRIVES, will allow for better county-to-county integration, faster transaction processing and additional online services.

People at the DMV said they expected to wait a little longer because of the software and the buildup of customers who couldn't get to the DMV last week because of the closure.

However, customers said they were shocked it took more than four hours to get through the line at the Denver DMV on Tremont Place.

"My mom has been here for 4 1/2 hours waiting and it’s like the numbers aren’t even moving," Edna Rodriguez said.

"I come to the DMV quite often because I buy and sell quite a few cars and this is the longest time I have ever been at the DMV. Ever," Justin Frye said.

A spokesman said it will take a week or two for workers to get accustomed to the software and for wait times to go down.

In the end, a spokesman said the new software will cut wait times substantially.

As part of the new software, there are 15 new online services available that people can do online instead at DMV locations.

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