Scrimmage day at training camp as Broncos approach first preseason game

Jake Butt at Broncos training camp on Aug. 5, 2018

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Let’s scrimmage! For the first time this training camp, the Broncos got a chance to see their team in a game like situation. First team offense versus first team defense.

So how would head coach Vance Joesph grade the effort? “It was good. It was fast, but it was pretty intense. It’s good that those guys through the exercise before next Saturday. Next Saturday is live bullets.”

The Broncos will face the Minnesota Vikings in preseason game number one on Saturday at Mile High Stadium.

Case in charge

Quarterback Case Keenum is the undisputed leader of the Broncos offense. With his guidance, the squad has looked good, and possibly upped the expectations on this coming season.

“This is a special group of guys and I think there are a lot of guys that can play, and there are a lot of guys that have played and know how to get to where we all want to go,” says Keenum.

“I’ve been in rooms on teams before where they’ve been like, ‘Raise your hand if you’ve played in the playoffs’ and no nobody raises their hand. That’s not the case around here. There are guys that know how to get it done and I’m trying to learn from those guys because we all want to get back there.”

Defense on offense

The general conscience is that the Broncos offense is better this season. So what does the defense think about the offensive important?

Cornerback Chris Harris: “Our offense is way better than they were last year. With [QB] Case [Keenum] under center, he’s thrown great balls. He’s had great accuracy all camp. I don’t see anybody just shutting them down like that with our receivers that we have. Our O-line is way better. I see them putting up points, at least 30 a game.”

What’s in a nickname?

Broncos linebacker Von Miller has all the moves on the field, and also the power to give nicknames. Who knew?

Rookie linebacker Josey Jewell however, isn’t a fan of his – Red Beard. “We’ll see how long ‘red beard’ goes,” says Jewell. “I prefer the nickname ‘outlaw,’ but he’s called me it twice so hopefully he settles down with that.”

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