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NRA opponents, supporters use Colorado Capitol rallies to discuss actions moving forward

DENVER -- NRA supporters and opponents gathered at the Colorado Capitol building on Saturday to voice their concerns in the gun debate. Instead of yelling, both sides had discussions about what they would like to see moving forward.

Students Demand Action organized Saturday's rally in favor of gun reform. It was held simultaneously with other rallies across the country under the umbrella "March on the NRA."

"This is the civil rights of our time right now," said Tay Anderson, an advisor for Never Again Colorado.

In response, a group in favor of gun rights and the NRA organized a counter-protest.

"I don’t think taking guns from good citizens is the solution to ending gun violence," said Emily Baker.

Before the rally started, Tay Anderson and other students spoke with the counter-protesters about their concerns and different ways the two sides could find ways to compromise when it comes to gun legislation.

"[It's] how to sit down at the same table, agree to disagree, and disagree and compromise on some things," said Anderson.

NRA supporter Robert Mirabella responded to Anderson saying he has concerns about the 'Red Flag' legislation and its potential to strip gun owners of their rights.

"That’s what I am personally afraid of with this red flag law. It will morph into something it wasn’t intended to be, just like a lot of these laws do," said Mirabella.

Both Anderson and Mirabella said they left the discussion appreciating the opportunity to share opinions in a respectful conversation.

"I appreciate this dialogue," said Anderson.

"You are the first group that’s come up civilly and not yelled we are racist, sexist, homophobes because we want to protect our family. We appreciate that very much," said Mirabella.

"You have a good day," said Anderson.

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