Local business up front about risks of liquid nitrogen treats

LITTLETON, Colo.-- Murat and Mecit Tuter stand in their kiosk in the middle of Southwest Plaza, mixing colorful treats clouded in a smoke as people turn their heads passing by.

Their Nitro Dragon Breath Denver stand has been open for about a year, and has several locations around the Denver metro.

Tuter isn’t playing with fire, but he knows even though his product is ice cold, it can be dangerous.

“Everything is dangerous if you don’t read the rules,” Tuter said.

There are signs all over the kiosk, telling customers to be cautious because the smoky ingredient is liquid nitrogen.

“Liquid nitrogen is minus 210 degrees,” Tuter said. “It’s super cold. If you try to drink it, or touch it, maybe burn your hand or burn your tongue.

"Before we get the orders, we are always telling the customers, please read the instructions.”

After a boy with asthma was taken to the hospital in Florida after eating one of those kind of treats, Murat is making sure his “Caution: dangerous for asthma” sign is front and center.