Allenspark firefighter helps community win sirens at auction

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- Allenspark volunteer firefighter teamed up with his neighbors this week to purchase some emergency sirens from the city of Longmont during an auction.

Erik Akia and his fellow community members plan to use the sirens in their Conifor Hill Road neighborhood between Lyons and Allenspark for emergency purposes.

“We don’t have any cellphone service, there’s no telephone lines,” Akia said. “The last one is about 1 1/2 miles from here."

Akia said the community was able to purchase 13 sirens for $650. He also said without the auction, one of the sirens would’ve cost about $10,000.

“When this auction came up it really seemed like it would work,” he said.

It did. The only issue now is getting the sirens. Akia and his neighbors will have to remove them from 70-foot poles in Longmont by themselves.

They’re looking for someone with a bucket truck to help them out.