Ohio judge sentences man to scoop poop at county fair

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- An Ohio judge, known for his very creative sentences, has handed down -- or scooped out -- another one.

"You like to screw around with crap? That's what you're gonna do for three days," Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti said.

Bayley Toth of Painesville was found guilty of criminal mischief after a night with friends in a local park.

Toth jumped on top of a van and placed a traffic cone on it. He then tipped over a port-a-potty, knocked a Wi-Fi bridge down and threw two lifesaving rings into the lake, one of which was never found, according to WJW.

The judge compared Toth's actions to those of an animal.

"You act like an animal, you're going to take care of animals. You can go (to the Lake County Fair) with the horses and goats and cows and pigs and sheep and after the fair, you can shovel out their crap after the 4H leaves the pens," he told Toth.

He also told Toth that he would have to spend a night in jail, being released to help follow horses in the fair's parade and pooper-scoop for them.

The rest of his scooping sentence was to be carried out the three days after the close of the fair.

He suspended the rest of Toth's 120-day jail sentence on the further conditions that Toth enrolls in college for at least six hours in the fall, performs five more days of service, does not enter the park for the duration of his probation (one year), abides by an 11 p.m. curfew and pays restitution to the park for $284.83.

In one additional act of creativity, Cicconetti also appointed Toth's mom as his probation officer.

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