Englewood applying for federal funding to help with flood issue

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Days after a woman was killed in a flash flood in Englewood, homeowners say they are still not getting answers from the city about their concerns over the storm drains.

“It went from ankle deep to chest deep within seconds,” Beth Minnick said.

Minnick’s home was submerged in water.

“I look at this and I’m just brought to tears,” Minnick said.

Minnick rents out the duplex as her main source of income and says this is not the first time there has been issues with flooding on the block.

“We know this is a storm drain issue," Minnick said. "We know things are not draining properly. It instantly fills with debris. Look at the size of it. Whether its fall spring summer or winter that’s going to clog.”

But Minnick said the city of Englewood is turning a blind eye on the problem.

“I’m seeing a huge lack of responsibility. At least you could come out here inspect the drains and talk to the homeowners. if you’re not at fault you’d be here,” Minnick said.

Other homeowners dealing with flood damage, echo Minnick.

“Been calling the city of Englewood and no one will answer the phone. No one will return a phone call. Nothing. They’re ghosting us,” Hillary Kulkarni said.

A spokeswoman said the city is in the process of declaring Englewood a disaster area to get state and federal funding.

But when asked how the money will be used and how often the current drains are cleaned, the city did not want to talk.

As Minnick braces for the next storm, she has no reassurance the basement won’t flood again.

“How do I rent out or sell this house knowing full well someone died over there because of the same issues that could be potential to this property?” Minnick said.

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