Tech Junkie Review: Tylt Block Party & RAVPower Wireless Charger

As you head out to those summer picnics, a day at the lake or an all-day hike it’s important to be tech-ready!  I tested out two products that could be the perfect companion on your next outing.

RAVpower Wireless Charger - $36

If you're out and about all day long - don't go without some juice for your smartphone!  The RAVPower Wireless charger is a portable battery pack that also works to charge your phone wirelessly.  The battery is 10,000 mAh so you'll get a solid 2 or 3 full charges for most phones.  If your phone supports wireless charging, simply place your phone on top of the RAVPower battery pack and it starts charing your device!  There is also a USB port on the side if you want to charge your phone the old fashioned way.  Keep in mind, wireless charging is typically slower than using a cable.  When the battery pack runs out of juice, use the micro-USB plug to charge it back up.  There's also a button and battery indicator on the side so you always know how much juice you have left in the pack.

The RAVPower is a solid battery pack with the added benefit of wireless charging.  The price isn't bad and it could be a lifesaver on your next summer trip.

The RAVPower Wireless charger is $36 on Amazon.  Use code KDVRPB081 to get an extra $6 off!


Tylt Block Party - $200

Looking for battery power and some tunes too?  The Tylt Block Party is an impressive battery pack with a speaker attached.

The battery pack is the bottom portion of the Block Party.  It brings 20,000 mAh to the table which means you'll get a solid 6 full charges to your phone!  There are a total of 4 USB ports on the unit so you can charge plenty of phones and devices at the same time.  The included A/C cable charges the battery component back up when it's time to re-juice the Block Party.

The top portion can detach, it's a bluetooth speaker!  It charges up from the battery when it's connected.  You'll get about 3-4 hours of music playback on a charge.  You can also use it while it's attached to the battery. In that case, you'll get a TON of playback because of the giant battery.  The sound is decent from the speaker.  It's a smaller speaker than other bluetooth options so, in my testing, I didn't hear the deep bass that some other speakers offer.

I love the idea of the Block Party. It's a cool blend of both worlds, a massive portable battery pack and a fun bluetooth speaker.  My only complaints would be that the sound was good but not amazing and the rubber housing and mesh screen seemed to attract dirt and debris.  My attempt to clean debris off the mesh didn't work.

Overall, it's a cool gadget to keep your devices charged and jam to some music while on the go.  The Tylt Block Party sells for $200 directly from the Tylt website.

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