Study: Kids of working moms just as happy

DENVER -- Guilt-ridden working moms can take a sigh of relief. A study from Harvard shows that children of working moms wind up just as happy as the kids of stay-at-home moms.

The study shows that daughters of working mothers are more likely to work themselves, hold supervisory roles, and earn more money.

Sons of working women are more likely to grow up and marry a working woman, and they are more likely to help at home.

Now a new addition to the study shows the kids of working moms are generally just as happy.

“They are also as happy as other adult children of mothers who may have stayed at  home. It's really exciting news,” said Sheryl Ziegler, a child psychologist and author of “Mommy Burnout.”  “Working moms in general feel so guilty.”

She says this information is meaningful for working parents. “It’s so exciting to know that both employment-wise, and happiness-wise that their kids are OK,” Ziegler said.

She hopes working moms will feel more than relief. She hopes they will feel a sense of pride.

There are plenty of amazing mothers who do not work outside of the home, who raise amazing children.

Experts say this study is not about who is raising happier children. Rather when a mother is deciding whether or not to work, that decision should be based on need or desire, not the fear of negatively impacting the children.