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Man caught on camera performing lewd act on woman’s front porch

DENVER -- Neighbors in Congress Park are left on edge, after a peeping Tom was caught masturbating on camera while looking into a woman’s front window.

The victim is worried this predator might be stalking women. Other neighbors are sounding off saying they think they spotted this same man on their property late at night.

“He watched me in my living room as I slept,” Ellen said.

She fell asleep on her couch off of Monroe Street in Congress Park when a suspicious man showed up on her front porch.

In the home surveillance video, the peeping Tom is seen crouching to look in through the blinds. Ellen believes she was targeted.

“At some point in time I believe this man has seen me out working in the yard doing something and had me picked out,” Ellen said.

The man used a newspaper to try to cover up the porch light. Seconds later, he pulled down his pants and started touching himself.

“It’s disgusting. This is my home, this is my body, and this is my privacy, and nobody has any right to violate that," she said.

Spooked by a passing car, the alleged sexual predator crawled on his hands and knees to hide. Then he grabbed a chair cushion to get comfortable.

He eventually left after spending two-plus hours on the porch. But the man returned to the home two weeks later. This time a new security light near the garage scared him off.

“It really destroys your feeling of trust and being safe in your own home,” Ellen said.

On Monday, a neighbor living a half-mile away off St. Paul Street said he spotted a similar looking man walking through his backyard.

Another woman posted on the neighborhood’s Nextdoor app that she caught a man peering in her bedroom window near East 12th Avenue and Garfield Street.

“In the two videos, he looks quite similar -- the receding hairline, his overall stature,” Ellen said.

The Denver Police Department cannot confirm if it’s the same man.

The woman said she's taking extra precautions and wants this man off the streets.

“I’d like to see this person caught and prosecuted for his crimes and obviously he needs some help,” she said.

Police urge anyone who witnesses suspicious behavior to file a report. They said that will help investigators connect the incidents and potentially make an arrest.

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