Bailey residents frustrated with Park County over clogged culvert, flooding

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BAILEY, Colo. — Residents in Bailey are fed up with their county government after Monday’s flooding.

Residents told the FOX31 Problem Solvers that much of the flooding in town could have been prevented if a culvert was cleared from months’ worth of debris.

An area near County Road 64 and U.S. Highway 285 was covered with water. The storm that caused the flooding also caused a mudslide on Highway 285.

“The rain only lasted for a half an hour but there was no where for it to go,” said Tim Williams, brewmaster at Mad Jack’s Mountain Brewery in Bailey.

Williams had to stop selling beers on Monday as water moved into his business.

Several residents said they and their neighbors have been urging Park County officials to clear debris from a nearby culvert to lessen the impact of future flooding.

The water pathway, under County Road 64, used to be wider and deeper similar to the culvert under Highway 285. Dirt and debris currently forces water through a narrower path.

Park County Public Works did not return calls requesting an explanation over why debris hasn’t been removed.

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