3 Colorado cities listed as best large places to live in U.S.

DENVER — It’s no secret that Colorado is a great place to live. Three Colorado cities were named the best big cities to live in for 2018, according to a study by WalletHub.

WalletHub compared the 62 largest cities in the U.S. and ranked them using 31 metrics, including measures of livability, health- and education-system quality, economic growth and tax burden.

Colorado Springs came in at No. 9 on the list with an overall score of 60.72, while Denver came in at No. 12 with a score of 59.78. Aurora also made the list at No. 22 with a 55.66 score.

All three Colorado cities are down from where they were in the 2017 study. Last year, Colorado Springs was No. 5, Denver was No. 9, and Aurora was No. 17.

The top 20 cities on the list

  1. Seattle
  2. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. San Francisco
  5. San Diego
  6. Honolulu
  7. Portland, Oregon
  8. San Jose, California
  9. Colorado Springs
  10. New York
  11. Minneapolis
  12. Denver
  13. Las Vegas
  14. Raleigh, North Carolina
  15. Mesa, Arizona
  16. Tampa, Florida
  17. Pittsburgh
  18. Washington
  19. Omaha, Nebraska
  20. Charlotte, North Carolina