Support the Shield helps 93 Adams County deputies get protective kits

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BRIGHTON, Colo.-- They are the protectors of this Adams County community, but Saturday night, folks like Tom and Jean Rapp got their turn to protect them.

"There’s a lot happening that we don’t like," Tom Rapp said. "These guys face it daily."

The Northern Hills Church in Brighton, the community flipped the script to let nearly 100 Adams County Sheriff's deputies know they are protected, thanks to generous donations. 93 armored vests, plates, helmets, goggles, first-aid kits and more lined tables across a massive stage. FOX31 and Channel 2 teaming up with the Safeway Foundation and Shield 616 to supply these men and women with the kits.

"These guys and gals, their job is hard every day," said Shield 616 Founder Jake Skifstad. "Their job is dangerous every day. And so we want to support them, we want to encourage them. We want to uplift them and be praying for them. We want them to know there are goods members of this community that are standing behind them."

"It’s very humbling to experience what we have experienced over the last seven months to know there is that kind of support," said Sheriff Michael McIntosh.

This all made possible by the Arnold family, matching donations made at a Support the Shield phone bank earlier this year. And for the Adams County deputies, the evening doesn't come without remembering the man who couldn't join them: Deputy Heath Gumm.

"He would have been one of the ones who would be right up front," Sheriff McIntosh said.

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