Lakewood police search for vandals who blew up mailbox with fireworks

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Kathy Walters has lived in a Lakewood neighborhood near Highway 285 and South Kipling Street for decades. She says it’s peaceful and mostly quiet, which is why Wednesday night took her by surprise.

“It was so sudden and so big, it made me jump,” Walters said.

Walters went outside after hearing dozens of loud pops and saw a plume of smoke billowing over her neighbors' trees across the street. When the smoke cleared, brick and concrete was sprawled out across South Hoyt Circle.

Lakewood police say a brick mailbox was blown up by fireworks late Wednesday night. There are bits of red and blue firecracker shredded across the road.

“For somebody to come up and ruin something so nice, and [that] probably means a lot to him, it’s just heartbreaking,” said neighbor Kurt Sheffield. “He’s gonna have to come back from vacation to a smashed mailbox and have to start over.”

Sheffield believes the fireworks alone couldn’t have done all that damage, because of the mailbox’s structural strength.

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