Grilling with Ace – Its Pizza Time

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Grilling your pizza outside with fresh herbs is all the rage.  The folks from Ace Hardware showed us how to do it with their Uuni Pizza Oven. The recipe is down below.

Artisan Salame Pizza

Pizza, is there anything better?  We take the normal peperoni pizza and give it a fun new artisan twist.  If you enjoy the local charcuterie movement, this pizza is for you.  Tomatoes, Salame, cheese and herbs make this pizza rock solid.

Chef Jason K. Morse, CEC  |  Ace Hardware Grill Expert  |  Owner, 5280 Culinary

Yield: 1 Pizza

Prep time: 10 Minutes Prep
Total time: 5-7 Minute cook time


Measure          Ingredient                                                                   Prep Notes     

8-10 oz Pizza Dough                                                                            Fresh or defrosted

2 fl oz              Sauce, Pizza or Tomato                                                        

½ cup               Cheese, Mozzarella/Parm Blend                              50/50 Bland, Shredded

4 slices Salame, dry, 2” slices                                                 Soppresatta or Toscano       

4 slices Pepperoni, 2” slices                                                                          

2 slices Salame, Genoa, 2” slices                                                      

2 Tbsp  Tomato, Roma, Sliced

1 Tbsp  Parsley, Italian                                                                       Washed and Rough Chopped                     

Prep Directions:

  • See above for all prep directions – under Prep Notes
  • For the pizza peel we use a 70/30 blend of flour and corn meal to help keep pizza from sticking and help it slide onto the pizza stone easier. We use about ½ Tbsp per pizza, onto the pizza peel.

Cooking Notes:

  • The lid/cover should be closed when the pizza is cooking
    • Only removed to load, unload and rotate the pizza

Cooking Directions:

  • Preheat your Grill to slate temp of 650-700 degrees
  • When stone is preheated, we recommend keeping the temperature at the same setting to help ensure consistent temp and easy recovery during cooking
  • Building the pizza – this process should take 1-2 minutes max
    • Fast building will ensure the dough doesn’t get wet (from toppings) and stick
  • Allow the dough to soften at room temp for approx. 15 minutes from the fridge
  • Hand stretch the dough to a very thin dough and place onto the floured pizza peel
  • Top as follows:
    • Pizza Sauce or Tomato Sauce
    • ½ of the cheese mixture
    • Salame, Dry
    • Pepperoni
    • Salame, Genoa
    • Other ½ of the cheese mixture
    • Sliced Roma Tomatoes
  • Open the lid/cover and load the pizza onto the middle of the pizza stone, close lid/cover
  • Keep the temperature at the same setting to help ensure consistent temp and easy recovery during cooking
  • After 60-90 seconds, open the door and slowly put the pizza peel under the pizza
  • Rotate the pizza 180 degrees and cook the other side of the pizza, approx. 2-3 minutes
  • Continue to cook the pizza to your desired doneness – Process should take 1-2 more minutes
    • Close lid/cover
  • Open the lid/cover and remove from the oven onto the pizza peel
  • Slide onto your cutting board and cut into 8-10 slices or into squares
  • Garnish with the fresh chopped parsley
  • Pizza can be made using par baked pizza dough, or store bought fresh dough
    • For par baked pizza dough, reduce cooking time to 3-5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbling


Grills / Grill Gear Used:

  • Traeger
  • Weber
  • Big Green Egg
  • Grill Mark Pizza Stone Kit Ace SKU - 8369605
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