Republican candidate for governor Walker Stapleton breaks with Trump on trade

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Republican nominee for governor of Colorado Walker Stapleton spoke out against President Donald Trump’s recent tariffs on Thursday.

At a campaign event at the Colorado Farm Bureau in Centennial, Stapleton spoke with members of the press.

“Trade isn’t a zero-sum game,” Stapleton said.

The candidate said the steel tariffs created a domino effect that is now impacting Colorado’s agriculture industry.

“I think it’s important the administration have a plan in place,” Stapleton said.

“There is a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace,” Stapleton said, commenting that the fluctuations in the market are impacting wheat and corn farmers.

Trump has been under fire from politicians on both sides of the aisle for his recent tariffs impacting trade with countries including Canada, Mexico and China.

Last week, Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet expressed similar concerns at an event with farmers and ranchers in Brighton.

Stapleton most notably has stood by Trump on issues such as immigration and taxes. Stapleton has previously invited Trump to campaign with him in Colorado.

At Thursday’s news conference, Stapleton said that was still a possibility.

“No one should be fooled by what this is: A laughably lame attempt by Stapleton to distance himself from Trump after clinging to him through the primary,” said Eric Walker, a spokesman with the Democratic Party.

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